Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It is Halloween and we are having a party!

It is almost Halloween ... and here at The Old School Club, we are preparing lots of events for children. The best excuse for spooky creativity and silly dressing up! Children are welcome to come along in fancy dress, ... and accompanying adults too!

You can pick and choose the best activity, as we have something for all ages.

Little Crafters Halloween Special (27th October, 10.00 - 11.00) - Our regular arts and crafts class for children aged 1 year to 4 years old will include special themed crafts for the little ones to be creative and have fun!

Sewing felt bags @ The Doodle Bar (30th October, 10.00 -12.00) - We have prepared a great morning for children of all ages. The younger kids will be using sticky felt and the bigger ones will be able to test the needle ...  For more details and how to book, please check their website and  here.

Sewing school Halloween special (31st October, 9.30 to 12.30) - ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT!
This is part of the sewing school during half term for children over 6 years old, if you would like to come along  please send us an email as some days are already fully booked. We will be making a Halloween themed sewing project ... how about a Witch hat, a magic wand or their very own monster toy!

Halloween party! (31st October, 3.00pm to 5.00 pm)
For children aged between 1 to 8 years old, there will be lots of themed craft activities, Halloween decorations, music .. 


Roll a giant dice, check the number you get in the monster chart and start completing your twisted and scary monster inspired in the cubist portraits by the artist Pablo Picasso. 

And food!!! with wiggly snakes, magic potions and fruity monsters.

Feeling crafty already?!! here some inspiring ideas.  

Paper plate masks, found at Ohhappyday
Felt bags,  found at Eighteen25
Egg carton creatures treat boxes, found at The centsible life. 
Kitchen roll monsters, found at Artsymomma
Pot skulls, found at Bead&Cord. 
Felt costumes for your pumpkins, found at Lea Griffith

Hope to see you at any of the events! If you would like to come along to any of the events, just drop us an email

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Our new branding is here!

Last Friday, we launched a new visual identity! Thanks to the super talented Dutchscot we now have new branding, printed materials and super fab promotional objects (you can see some of them in this post).

We have also reworked our services which now describe, with a clearer message, what we offer at the club: 

- LEARN SKILLS includes all classes and workshops, for adults and children. 
- MAKE ROOM identifies the Cocrafting shared workspace. 
- SHARE IDEAS inspires our events and parties.  

The Old School Club started in 2011. The idea for the club was sparked when I was on maternity leave and couldn't find any creative activities for me and my son. I also wanted to recreate my childhood where importance was placed on everything being lovingly handmade, so I started a small scale project from home teaching sewing classes to other mums, and hired a nanny to look after the children. 

Since then I have very much designed everything myself, from the logo to the website & the flyers .. oh the flyers. Here my first beauties, which didn't last long .. for many obvious reasons. And another round of flyers, yaik! 

This crafty time was so popular with the mums that I soon needed more space, I moved to bigger premises on Lavender Hill and The Old School Club as you know it today, was created. And then my second logo, an improved overall message and a new website came in. We also had a booking system! 


The original visual identity I designed had served well in the early days. Then I met Charlie. I was very busy running the classes and the club and I needed someone to help with the main aspects of the Marketing. When we scrutinised the original identity we realised that combining the childlike typeface with the word 'School' in the name suggested it was a space only aimed at children rather than adults. This confused messaging hampered business and we quickly realised it needed a new identity. The club had evolved, and the brand had to reflect this too. 

Charlie had some good contacts; Jacob Vanderkar and Ross Goulden (formerly of GBH) were setting up their own agency Dutchscot (@Dutchscot) and the pair were keen to get involved in this creative project.

The brief was not straightforward; firstly we needed an identity for the space in its own right, with its many distinct uses; we didn't want to be pigeonholed as simply hosting craft classes or workspace for makers, or a party venue. The identity needed to work for marketing classes, workspace and events, but not be so neutral as to appear boring. The space is multifaceted, so we needed an identity that could be as flexible as possible.

The result was an identity made up of multiple shapes and colours which come together to represent the building itself. According to their configuration the identity can also suggest a space, spell words related to activities, create patterns, be used to house messages and so on. The new identity communicates a space that nurtures creativity, it's playful and handmade but sophisticated: appropriate for the space's many uses and audiences. The Old School Club is a haven for makers or enthusiasts who want to learn creative skills, or who need space, advice or inspiration for their projects, and a community to be part of. Often these are local mums who also make use of the crèche, a vital ingredient to make this a practical space for modern life.

We think our new identity represents that & We hope you like all these as much as we do. 

You can see all these here: 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Makerhood Battersea at Wandsworth Artists Open House (Part 2)

Following on from yesterdays post, meet Zoe & Beata, 2 more of the talented makers taking part in this weekends' Wandsworth Artists Open House.

Zoe Chan
By day, Zoë is a graphic artist specialising in branding, but by night she is a self-confessed typography and lettering obsessive.  She fell in love with letterpress art many moons ago, especially for its uniqueness, heritage and tactility, and is now embarking on this new adventure herself – designing then hand-printing typographic art on her Adana press for graphic gifts, greetings cards and bespoke work including invitations.

Sopvia Handmade Jewellery
Beata started making her delicate & feminine jewellery designs shortly after her second daughter was born.  Previously a nursery nurse, she makes during her (limited) spare time from her home studio in Wandsworth.

We are No.99 on the Battersea Trail, on Lavender Hill, near Art Lacuna (another fantastic collective) and Eve & Ned Silver Jewellery.  Lavender Hill is a busy bus route, so you'll be well set up to come & see us.

We're hoping to have some delicious lunchtime snacks for you, as well as tea/coffee & cake.

Oh, and did I mention we have a creche? A welcoming intimate space where your little ones can read & draw while you take in the sights & delights of Makerhood Battersea.

Come & see us people!  We'll stick the kettle on.